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Thread: Set of 4 Jet F-Style Clamps $20

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    Set of 4 Jet F-Style Clamps $20

    Rockler has what looks like a good deal to stock up on some small/med F-style bar clamps. It's a set of 4 (2 x 12" 2 x 24") for $19.99

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    I saw those go by the other day, and now you went and talked me into it, Tim. Four clamps for about $30 shipped is a tough deal to pass up, especially since the only F clamps I have are some Chinese trash I got on eBay years ago.
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    I hear what you're saying, Vaughn - tough to pass. Sorry I talked you into it but but if it makes ya feel any better, I picked some up myself. I saw on another thread that you and I are not alone! Looks like a few others around here have fallen victim to ClampDealosis - a terrible disease.

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    Oh yes, I ordered six sets....


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