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Thread: Back injury

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    Back injury

    I moved it over here in case anyones intrestd in it. Some of you know that I was in a really bad car wreck 10 years ago. Anyway that left me with a back that the surgens dont want to operate on. What they did was to inplant a nero stimulator that send a current to the nerves and basicly tells them that they are not feeling pain. Now it seems to not be working. Going to see the surgen and the rep next week to see if it need to be replaced or if the need to add more leads. Here is a link to what I have if you are intrested in reading about it. The newer ones are half the sie of the one I currently have.

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    Al, are you able to increase or decrease the amount of shock/electric/stimuli that gets sent to the nerves? That is exactly what they are talking about doing for my wife. Her foot got crushed last June, the nerves are not sending the correct message. The official name is CRPS, chronic regional pain syndrome, the newer name is something else I forget at this time. Anyway, they said the batteries last 10 years. So maybe you are in need of new batteries?
    I wasn't aware of the past wreck or the stimulator in your back. Hope things work out and it isn't real intrusive and does the trick for you.

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    that's really interesting, Al. I've never heard of that for localized pain relief. I hope you get fixed up soon. What was your back injury? I had a burst fracture of L1 in '03 falling from a horse. Wore one of those big clamshell braces for a while.....Jonathan what did your wife do to her foot?
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    Al I took a little trip down 14 stairs 31 years ago and landed flat on the small of my back on the bull nose of the bottom step which crush 4,5&6. Doc said the same thing. I went 4 times a week for 3 years to get electric stimulant treatment for 2 hrs each time. It did the job and that was after 3 weeks in traction.
    If they can fix it with out surgery better off. It will all come down to you knowing what and what you can not do and sticking firm to it.
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    I feel for you Al.....I hope you get some relief.....I know what you are going through. They wanted to put one inside of me and I told them NO...Now they want to do spinal fusion....But said it was a 50/50 shot I would get any do your best to hang in there...and take it as easy as possible on yourself.

    Also a good Pain Management doctor helps a lot!

    Good Luck to you

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    I hope they are able to get you the relief you need. Although I know nothing about neurostimulators, I am familiar with Medtronic. LOML has one of their insulin pumps and is well satisfied with it. It certainly makes life much easier for both of us. I trust they can help you too.


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    My sympathy to all of you who have to wear a mechanical/electrical device to do what your body would normally do.
    It sounds so "neat" in print. However, I imagine that reality is a long way from that and that the way you live has been drastically altered.

    I really hope you can truly


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    Hope they get it fixed for ya Al...pain is no fun!
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    Jon, They give you this box that has a lead on it. you hold the lead over the implanted box and you can turn it up,down or off. Yes batteries are supposed to last several years. Mine is 4 years old. The reason they went this route is becouse the force of the impact left me with 3 herniated disk in my back,2 in my neck. The acceident happend on the thruway, I used to be a deisel tech that did roadside repair on tractor trailers. A drunk driver rear ended my service truck that was parked on the side of the road. The drver walked away with a broken nose.

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