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Thread: Huray!!

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    I was laid off of work a bit over 6 months ago. Forced me into a huge financial bind that jeopardized my house too.

    Well I got hired back, get to keep the house and my new bus is taking off too!
    Thanks be to God is all I can say.

    If any of you are in this situation, my prayers go out to you, it is a humbling, stressful situation. It was very hard on my marriage, my self, and an eye opener on my faith. After over 9 years of devoting your life to something and then to be let go is kinda hard to swallow.

    Still recovering the financial part, but things are slowly coming back into line and I can sleep a little better at night.

    I wouldn't change what my family went through, for it was a great opportunity for learning and growth, but I sure wouldn't do it again!!

    I have learned that from now on I am going to keep a savings of about 6 months of my daily living expenses aside at all times so if something ever comes up again I never have to struggle like this again. A financial struggle just plain sucks! The only other real personal (other than just being dumb and suffering from delayed intelligence - where someone says something and you think of the correct answer/response an hour later) struggle that affected me such was when my back was hurt so bad that for years I couldn't do anything without taking at least 2400mg of Ibuprofen to get through a day. I'm glad these two struggles are now behind me and I'm glad of the opportunity to learn and grow through these struggles.

    If your here in your life, all I can say is that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel and no, it's not a train!

    That's not even a smile! That's just a bunch of teeth playing with my mind!

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    Glad to hear that things are getting better for you Brian.

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    good for you brian,, and unfortunately we do have many folk on here, in that same boat and some have been there much longer than than 6 months..but we all have done what we can to survive before now and will continue to do so and help all of those that we can. so glad yu saw your light soon and that others can gain hope that it does have away out..
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    Thats gooooooood news Brian
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    Congrats, Brian. I know the feeling all too well. Still not at the end of my tunnel yet, but I'm at least working part time, which is helping to keep things afloat.
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    Great news. I'm really happy for you.
    I figured my 24 months of savings would be more than enough.
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    Gratz Brian!!! Remember everything you just said here and get that $$ in the bank!
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    happy to hear you're back on the inside! went through 8 months on the outside here.
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    Congratulations Brian!
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