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Thread: and for all my Latin friends

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    and for all my Latin friends

    Happy Cinco De Mayo or as my buddy John Zepeda calls it Drinko de Mayo.
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    A wonderful non-holiday celebrated and created in the USA and marketed by beer distributors.

    Logically speaking only Mexicans would care, but they don't, as it is the date of a battle against the French AFTER the Mexican revolution. Other Hispanics don't give a hoot.

    It's the equivalent of Norwegians celebrating the US/British Battle of Raisin River (near Detroit, MI) during the War of 1812 as the USA's Independence Day and expecting every English speaking person to be ready to party because if you speak English you must be American.

    The real Mexican Independance Day from Spanish rule is El Grito on the 16th of September, celebrated and revered only in Mexico just like our own 4th of July is here. Other Latin American countries all have their very own Independence Days that are not Cinco de Mayo or El Grito.

    So drink any beer or liquor you want on Cinco de Mayo and support your local breweries. I had a Miller.

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    We love Cinco de Mayo in our house... all the local Mexican food resturants offer discounts and such... we look for any excuse we can find to visit a Mexican resturant... I swear that the LOML was a senorita in a prior life... part of her anscestry is Polish so I always tease her about being a Polish Mexican... she even cooks Mexican food about half the time... tortillas, refried beans, jalapenos and ancho peppers and chorizo are staples in our house.... I do have to say that with her cooking I do eat good.
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