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Thread: National Museum of the Air Force

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    National Museum of the Air Force

    This is a virtual tour of the National Museum of the Air Force. CLick on the Blue Arrows or the dots on the map to go to the different areas.

    Click Here
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    Wow that is only 5 hours from me, looks like a possible weekend trip in the future

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    That is the coolest site I have ever seen. I'm gona be there a long time Thanks
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    Very cool. I think my son went there with one if his aunts once.

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    Very cool. I'd love to go there
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    Been there! It's fantastic. Takes a whole day to see everything.
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    Thanks for the link I really liked. The Trabi was at its peak! "High Tech" My father was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DeLaney View Post
    Been there! It's fantastic. Takes a whole day to see everything.
    Sorry to disagree Jim; but, I don't think you can see it all in a day--not if you have an inquisitive 12 year old with you. At least we couldn't. A well spent 2 days about 19 years ago.


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    That brings back some memories. I grew up about 35 miles from there and that was the best school field trip we took. (Sixth grade, 1966) At that time, it was known as Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum and only had the Early Years and WWII buildings. It didn't take quite so long to go thru it.


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    It's been a couple of years since I wsa there. I'm ready to go back. And if you can do it all in one day, you've either rushed through it, or missed a bunch of it. I was sure disappointed when word came down that the NAFM would not get one of the shuttles. That would have been a tremendous addition to the museum. Also, noone has mentioned the fact that unless you buy something from the gift shop or something to eat from the cafe, it's all ABSOLUTLY FREE! It won't cost you a dime. I highly recommend the Air Force Museum to anyone who enjoys the history of aviation. It's fun to see just how big (or how small) some of these airplanes are. Just seeing them on TV or in books doesn't do them justice.

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