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Thread: Flag Box Question

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    Flag Box Question

    At my father's funeral last Tuesday I was presented with a flag and a small handful of expended shells from the 21-gun salute. Although I don't think the flag will be displayed at least for awhile, I'm thinking of building a box for the flag and shells. What do folks do with the shells? Do they get put into the box with the flag or what?
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    Sorry to hear about your Father Dave.

    I've never heard of receiving the spent casings before, but I'd probably keep them separate from the flag as they probably have some residue on them (unless you plan to clean them).

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    Dave, I am so sorry to hear of your dad's death. Servicemen and women have my utmost respect for their dedication to preserving our freedoms. If you want, I would make a pen for you out of one of the shells. PM me and I will send you my address if this is something you want done. Oh, as to the cost, same cost your dad charged me for protecting my freedoms, no charge, paid in full.
    Otherwise, don't think I would put them in the case with the flag/laying on or near the flag, they may cause discoloration.

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    Thanks Darren.

    It was new to me, too. You have a good point about keeping them separate. I was wondering about a small box inside the triangular box that could contain them. On the other hand, I only got eight or nine of them. They didn't give them all to me.

    Jonathon, thank you so much. I just sent a PM.
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    Very sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept my condolences.
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    condolences to you and yours dave. you could extend the bottom of the case a touch, and display them there, with a divider to separate from the flag.
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    So sorry for your loss Dave.

    I was given the flag along with several cartridges at my Dad's funeral back in 1969. I will remember the day forever.

    I purchased a flag display case and put the cartridges in the back of the case behind the flag. I had them in the front but I had so many stupid questions from people about where they came from I moved them to where they couldn't be seen.
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    Dave, condolences on your father's passing. Don't know anything to add about the flag box. Jonathan - very nice offer there.

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    Very sorry to see the news about your dad, Dave. I was also thinking of something along the lines of what Dan suggested...a regular flag box with an extended lower compartment to hold the shell casings.
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    My condolences Dave. So sorry to hear about your Dad.
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