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Thread: Handplane finish / raising the grain

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    Handplane finish / raising the grain

    On my recent cradle build I tried using my handplane to get the "finish ready" surface on the hard maple.

    Everything looked great until I applied the water based dye. I got enough grain raising that I had to knock it down with some sandpaper.

    I figured I'd check and see how other folks handle this before I begin experimenting.

    Is sanding a planed surface after raising the grain the best way to go? Or do folks try to scrape/plane off the fuzzies without cutting too deeply? Or is there some other technique I should try?


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    You could use a card scraper or sandpaper whichever you prefer. I use sand paper usually 320 grit. I use a lot of water based dye's.
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    there are 2 ways to defeat this problem on maple, 1 you use a damp rag and rub over the maple to quicken the drying use a blow dryer, then sand and repeat 2 or 3 times. 2 use a pre stain 1st before applying the stain.
    I prefer the damp rag method myself and then a scraper razor blade or a medal scraper.
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    Hey Matt, almost any water or alcohol based finish is going to raise grain...dyes included. One of the downsides
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    Thanks for all the replies.

    Isn't it amusing that all the articles in the magazines that talk about getting a "finish ready" surface with your hand plane don't address the issue of raised grain.

    I think I'll try using a scraper to clean off the fuzzies on a couple of cutoff scraps. If I can't get the hang of it, sanding with the 400 grit after raising the grain gave good results on the cradle.


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