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Thread: My dog had surgery today. Update

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    Unhappy My dog had surgery today. Update

    I discovered a nasty abscess on my younger dog this morning, and to make a long story short, the vet operated on her this afternoon.

    Hopefully she will be fine in a few days; but if you don't see me posting much over the next few days that's why.
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    Hey, From one dog person to another, here's hoping that's all there is.

    Logan and Starbuck are pulling for your little guy. Sharon and me too...
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    Thanks Brent. The worst part is that they left it open to it's weeping....LOVELY....I put old sheets everywhere...rug, furniture, bed.....
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    LOML and I are pulling for her as are Waif, Bella and Buddy.


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    Hope she heals in no time.
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    All the best for your pooch...leaving the incision open on folks is normal and helps the healing oughta see some dude hit with a shotgun at close range with a wound-vac from neck to belly button!. Keep us up on the progress!!
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    Lots of Setter Zen coming from the Red Heads at Coolmeadow Setters. And prayers from me and the wife. Jim.
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    Sasha and Sunny both said "arf" and "woof", respectively. Here's to a speedy recovery for your little girl.
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    Best wishes.

    After baby sitting Logan who needed two solid weeks of no activity after his surgery (locked in a cage all day except for food/bio), I'm sure you'll have a speedy recovery.

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