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Thread: OK Cynthia Here is a Sample Old Man Story

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    OK Cynthia Here is a Sample Old Man Story

    My avitar is a picture of my father and me. The year 1929. My father was the pilot. It was my first airplane ride (big surprise at age 4). You have to remember that in 1929 flying was pretty much limited to dare devils and lunitics. Somewhere along the line here, a few posts ago, I realized that I might have been the first 4 year old to have flown in an airplane.

    The above was just to let you know that I had a father who enjoyed flying.

    Many years lated dad got the hots for an airplane called the Howard. It was a low wing, aluminum, bomb. This was not a kiddies toy. Well we went down to Burbank (Calif. for those who don't know where that is) to look at the Howard. Dad and I were looking at the plane, just outside of a hugh, gucky green hanger. The door was two or three stories tall and was open about three feet.

    A gentleman came out through the door. I was immediately impressed by the fact that he was wearing a three piece suit, just like my dad. He wore a Stetson hat, just like my dad. He asked if dad was interested in the plane and he said, "The plane is named the Howard, after me."---Howard Hughes that is.

    Well we knew that. I mean we saw pictures of Howard in the "Fox Movietone News" every week between the "A" movie and the "B" movie.

    To cut to the chase Howard took dad up for a demo (sales pitch) ride. When they came back I was my usual obnoxious 16 year old self and I wanted a ride too. Well Howard took me up for a demo ride also AND he let me fly it for about fifteen-minutes.

    And that is how I took Howard Hughes flying.

    Years later, in the press, people read all of the wierd things that the world's richest (or so it seemed) man did. But I remembered him as a neat guy, very much like my father, who took time out of his day to take a kid flying.

    THANKS HOWARD! I hope you are in a wonderful place.

    Enjoy Jim

    Cynthia, see what happens when you get an 86 year old guy to tell you an old man story. And just think, there are more where that came from.
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    Great story, Jim. I'm willing to bet you're the only one of my friends who has flown with Howard Hughes.
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    Ditto...Great story!
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    Great story Jim. What a wonderful memory
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    great stuff.

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    That is a great story. I have read that Howard was a great guy until he got the phobia for germs/people out to get him.

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    Now that's a great story Jim!
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    That is a great story. I envy you, not the Howard Hughes part as much as the getting to fly in that plane part.
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    Nice story Jim.

    I live in Westchester, very close to the location of the spruce goose hangar. When I tell people about it, they just stare at me. Most people, particularly young ones don't have a clue who he was.
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    What a great memory Jim! Some guys get all the luck!
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