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Thread: It's Friday....what's everyone doing?

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    It's Friday....what's everyone doing?

    I think there is more paperwork going back to work than going on getting that done. Nice dinner for my wife when she gets home...chicken and mushroom ravioli, mushroom risotto, grilled asparagus and fresh French bread. Canoe exporting at REI tomorrow morning...and i hope that's it!
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    Tonight I'll probably be taking my wife out to dinner and taking it easy. Tomorrow and Sunday we'll be getting things tagged for our garage sale next weekend.

    I installed some landscape lighting last night and will probably be doing a few more lights and testing out new locations to get it setup the way we want before burring the cables.

    I also have a gable fan to install this weekend, probably on Sunday after we've gotten some of the garage cleaned out an can get to the attic door.

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    I begin woodworking again tomorrow. sweet.

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    Oh....I thought I'd drop by work for a 6pm to 6am shift.
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    Nothing serious planned. Going to wait on putting the walls up on the shed until next weekend when I'll have enough time to get it all done.

    Will probably putter around in the shop some though and try to do a little more organizing and start on a project I've got in mind.
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    Taking a break from the kitchen and catching up on outside work. Jan asked me to build her a flower box for Mother's Day - got that done. Now we have about 50 plants to get into the ground.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Went trap shooting this morning at Elk Creek winery shooting clays range, and had a great time with my daughters and son in law, we only shot fifty clays each since it was going to rain today, just finished up before the downpour started. got something to eat and had a glass of wine and came home. might get to the shop this evening to do a little clean up A good day out with the kids.

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    Only about 25' of sod left to remove for my wifes garden. Her garden is going to be 15' x 35'. What a back breaker I's supposed to rain Sunday and most of the week so I have to get it done. Should of rented a sod cutter.
    I hate gardening but she loves it. Haven't had a garden in a few years. She is going in for a knee replacement July 5th so it looks like me and my black thumb will be in charge of the stupid garden this year.

    Bought about 150bf of hard select maple the other day so I'll be planing a bunch of it down for my grandsons bed.

    Church Sunday then the usual Sunday dinner. I expect a few of the kids and grandkids will be here.
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    Going to my Daughter in Laws Graduation from ASU on Sat, church Sunday morn and the race will be on.
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    Tomorrow we will be going to a local CMT support group to help plan out a summer fundraiser.

    What is CMT?

    Then it's mowing the lawn before the rain on Sunday.

    Then it will be claiming the garage back from the leftovers of a $500 garage sale last weekend.



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