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Thread: Christmas in May......

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    Christmas in May......

    Came home to steaks and cake from Omaha Steak co, courtesy of my sis and BIL, the Drozda dvd I ordered arrived, and Jim Burr sent me a great mesquite pen. Very cool gesture and the mesquite came from our mutual amigo Vaughn.
    So say what you will about Friday the 13th...I think it rocks!

    Pen is titanium gent jr or cigar, Jim? done nicely!
    Thanks all!
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    Thanks for the box bud! It's a black Ti Jr Gent II from some mesquite Vaughn hooked me up with last time around. I love full circle stuff!
    Enjoy dude!
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    Very cool on all counts. Jim makes a fine pen, huh?
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    Great looking pen and a great Friday the 13th. I turned a vase and didn't mess up either MJ.
    Bernie W.

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