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Thread: A wood named Kiaat

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    A wood named Kiaat

    So I just posted a puzzle made from this wood and thought it might add a little if i added the info on the wood, this comes from a write up by the puzzle maker not me. What the heck do i know about wood.My words in blue, off the write up in black.

    Kiaat real name is Pterocarpus angolensis......what a mouthful.

    Kiaat is the name given this wood in South Africa but in Tanzania its called Muninga and they say this is the adopted name in Britain.

    Elsewhere it is known as Ambila (in Mozambique) and Mukwa (Zimbabwe and Zambia) and Bloodwood (in Nambia). comment but I think the last one is incorrect

    This is a high quality timber of handsome appearance. The heartwood is basically light to medium brown with darker streaks, toning down to a pleasing golden brown shade. Its decorative appearance is sometimes enhanced by irregulalry interlocking grain and brilliant streaks of red (comment Larry read narly grain )

    The qualities of this timber are appreciated in countries of origin so only limited quantities are exported. (comment yeah if i know why its all being burnt for firewood)

    Kiaat combines a handsome , dignified appearance with excellent woodworking and finishing qualities, durability and stability of service. Its eminently suitable for high class furniture, cabinet work and joinery. In East Africa (Tanzania way) its also used for shipbuilding and plywood manufacture. (comment i aint ever seen any plywood made in that part of the world)

    The guy who wrote this knows a thing or two about marketing and probably sold wine before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    The guy who wrote this knows a thing or two about marketing and probably sold wine before.

    Thanks for this. The guy isn't *that* far off...

    Here's my favorite part of what I found:

    "This graceful tree has very many uses and is much valued throughout Africa. The beautiful timber is easy to work and is used for furniture, implements and curios. The reddish brown heartwood is resistant to borer and termite and also polishes well. The sapwood is pale yellowish and furniture and curios often have the sapwood included in the article. Kiaat is also used to make canoes because the wood does not shrink and swell much. Historically there was trade in this timber in the old Transvaal. This was on a minor scale and fitted in with the seasonal cattle drives from the lowveld winter grazing back to the highveld in summer.
    The red sap is used traditionally as a dye and in some areas mixed with animal fat to make a cosmetic for faces and bodies. It is also believed to have magical properties for the curing of problems concerning blood, apparently because of its close resemblance to blood. There are many medicinal uses recorded for kiaat, including treatment for ringworm, stabbing pains, eye problems, malaria, blackwater fever, stomach problems and to increase the supply of breast milk. The tree is sometimes planted around the chief's enclosure to make a living fence. "



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    It has been awhile but I turned quite a few pieces of kiatt. I was given a largish board 8" wide, 1 1/4" thick and 4 1/2 feet long. I turned 4 plates and a bunch of pens from that board. The board that I had definitely was a light golden brown with reddish brown streaks.

    As I recall it had interesting grain and a medicinal smell. It turned and polished easily. I haven't been able to find the pictures of the plates so they must be on one of my CD archive discs.
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    So Rob, do you keep a sample of Kiatt around to suck on? (I'm not sure if inquiring minds want to know.)
    I'm a certifiable tree hugger. (it's a poor mans way of determining DBH before cutting the tree down)

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