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Thread: #5 Jack plane etc. All SOLD

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    #5 Jack plane etc. All SOLD

    I rescued a very nice Wards Master #5 plane today. By the looks of it, I think it was made by Stanley, around type 18, 1947-48. Apart from a different lateral adjuster, it is identical to my type 18 Stanley, which is shown in some of the photos.

    I honed the blade with a flat edge, but would be happy to put a camber on it if that is the buyer's preference. It is sharp now though. Very sharp. And I honed and polished the leading edge of the chip breaker also. Anyway, it has the fore and aft adjuster bolt, and has black painted hardwood knob and tote, just like my type 18, which by the way is one of my favorite planes. The japanning is right around 100%, and there a couple of small but obligatory spots of contrasting paint on it. The wood is in great shape, and the tote is very comfortable. I cleaned and waxed the wood.

    The main apology is that some [fill in blank] drilled 2 rather small holes in the L side of the plane, probably for some sort of jig. Because of this, I am pricing the plane accordingly at $20 plus shipping. And it will work for you right out of the box. I left the sides dirty and with slight surface rust as found, for you to clean up as you like.

    Side by side with my Stanley 5 [the Wards Master is the clean one]:

    Next up, a set of 7 brad point drill bits. These are nowhere near the quality of the Lee Valley bits that I heartily recommend, but then again, these are yours for $7 plus shipping. They are made in Germany. I can't remember if Leichtung is still in business, but they were pretty popular in their day.

    And last is a drill press hold down clamp, I don't see "Vise Grip" anywhere on it, so I'm guessing it's a knock-off. This one is $10 plus shipping.

    Send me a PM if interested in any of these items.

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    Ding! You've got mail.
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    Ding, ding, you are getting more mail!

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    Ding, gone. Ding ding, gone gone.

    All sold. Thanks, gentlemen.

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