Am I missing something obvious...

I'm looking at drawer slides in my LVT catalogue (the 2007 Hardware catalog)

First we have "Standard Kitchen Slides" (the 250mm one is 12K08.10)
Next is the European Kitchen Slides" (250mm unit is 02K50.10)

They list the European slides as being "our top of the line European bottom mount drawer slides" and they cost about CDN$2.50 more per slide.

This is all pretty straightforward, so far.

But then 2 pages over they have "Standard Blum Slides (the 300mm one is 02K62.30). This one is also rated for 100lbs, and the description is almost identical to the description of the European slides 2 pages prior. The price point is almost the same as the European kitchen slides, but a few pennies less.

Is there any real difference between these? Am I missing something that gets the one set labelled as "kitchen" slides and the other as just a "standard" slide?