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Thread: More stuff from the last couple months

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    More stuff from the last couple months

    I had posted a pencil cup and paper clip holder last week. Well there was also this one that didn't get posted. This one is made from a tree called Acieda or something like that. Landscraping tree. All I know is it's a real pain to work with. Tear out all the time and dusty as all get out. Seems to crack very easy. Both about 4 inch tall and 3 inch wide.
    My wife wanted an Ice cream scoop but had no idea what kind of wood she wanted. So I made 5 differant handles. Wild Cherry, Zebra wood, Walnut, Mesquite and Ceder. She chose the Mesquite which is the mounted one. I kind of like these kits. Now that the handles are made all I have to do is get the kits.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow! you went to great length to please your wife.

    I like her choice too.
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    Nice work, Dennis. The pencil cup and paper clip holder look like accacia wood to me. Does that sound familiar?
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    Dennis nice job, and if the wife is happy everyone is happy.

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    Who wouldn't like those
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    Really nice Dennis. If the wife is happy that's all that counts.
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    Nice work Dennis!! That's a lot of ice cream!
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    Great turning. Let's see, one for vanilla bean, one for blackberry swirl, ....
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