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Thread: Trying to find time

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    Trying to find time

    Hey all. I continue to try to find time to spend in front of some spinning wood but this time of year my small business generally keeps me out of the shop. Here are a few of the items I did manage to get done.

    A natural edge spalted maple bowl finished with rattle can lacquer.

    A small hollow form of Spalted Maple with a mystery wood finial. The finial wood was gathered from a glass pallet.

    A spalted maple hollow form (space ship?)


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    Fantastic Peter I like spalted turnings they have a lot of character.
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    Excellent work Peter! Spalted timber is definitely one of my favorite things to see in woodworking!


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    Really excellent work. The beauty is in the spalting.
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    Nice work with some really pretty wood, Peter.
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    Very nice work Peter, i am particularly fond of the spalted wood look and when its turned it seems to show even better. Nice turnings.

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    Beautiful, all of them. This begs the question I asked on another forum, are turners the only people that love rotting wood? They even go to lengths to try to make it rot!
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    Peter great job on some really beautiful wood.

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    beautiful spalting in the maple... I have had a ton of that to work with over the past year... literally a ton... a lady offered me a tree that she had down in her back yard... it took two loads in my little Ranger to get it home and I only took the trunk pieces... there was another load of limbs cut up and stacked that I decided not to take... love the way the wood looks when it's turned... I'm not good a natural edges... yours turned out great... my favorite though is the hollow form... one of my favorite shapes to play with... great looking pieces.
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    Nice work, I really like the natural edged bowl.

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