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Thread: Old Iron

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    Old Iron

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    Very cool. The big steam engines were amazing feats of engineering in their time, and are still awe-inspiring to see in person.

    There's a train restoration club that meets at the LA County Fairgrounds. They have several old engines and other cars in carious stages of repair. I chatted with some of the guys last fall at the fair and they do have occasional need for someone with woodworking skills. If they were a bit closer to the house, I'd consider working with them.
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    Wow, Bart! Thanks
    Just watching the video gave me a thrill. Imagine driving alongside with the windows down!

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    Very cool I've always been fascinated by trains
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    If any of you have the chance to visit the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, it's well worth the trip. They have a Big Boy on display - you can walk right up to it, climb on, sit in the triver's seat, etc. It's huge. They've also got an amazing collection of engines and rolling stock - some running, some not. Volunteers restore and operate the trains and trolleys. It's a fun day.

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    Bart you have it all wrong man.

    This is the right way to show old iron with the correct music attached.

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