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Thread: Cannon Shell

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    Cannon Shell

    My wife said egg...I say 16" shell from a battleship...I told her she won, I know better!
    Given the bunch of boxes from Mike and the CSUSA catalog, I though something other than a cylinder would be a change for me. Some beech left over from a pepper mill about 4.5x2.5. Finished with the Ray Key (I think it was him) Renwax trick. I had a huge catch when the bottom was chucked to remove the tenon...I forgot that grain orientation changed. Having to remove the extra wood really helped the shape. Since there is no lip or knob, the fit is not suction, but firm. 2 coats of Mylands at 1500 and Renwax to finish.

    C&C used on the next one
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    Jim don't pay any attention to the wife. We both know it's a cannon shell, and a fine shell at that.

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    I don't think it looks like an egg or a shell but whatever it is, it is nice.
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