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Thread: Favorite Fonts?

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    Favorite Fonts?

    Hey, folks,

    As you may remember, I've got a couple books coming out fairly soon. The good news? I get total editorial control. But part of the problem with total editorial control is that no-one makes decisions for you, darn it! I've never felt quite so on my own.

    So here I am, trying to design a cover, which is wildly overdue. I know, in general, I want the reproduction of the persian miniature. I know, in general, the color I want for the text background, and Doorlink's favorite color is purple, so I want some variant of that for the text color. Also, purple and gold work thematically with the content.

    But I have no idea which font to use. I've mocked up a few here:

    Any and all suggestions welcomed!



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    The Papyrus mockup is nice, but Papyrus is being used to death these days. It's become the Comic Sans for highbrow people. I really liked the Caeldera example myself. It stands out from the others and looks fitting for the title (but you'd know better if it fits the content).
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    Gabriola is a close second, but I still like the papyrusmixedcase.

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    Another vote for Caeldera.
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    FWIW, I like palatino best, but don't ask why. Three times thru them and this keeps jumping out to me
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    Palatino was very nice. Should be we all get copies
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    I filled in your "opinion" form. I used the "Post (some other word I forgot)." The computer appeared to accept it. But somehow, I am not sure it did. If you don't get it, do a PM and I will respond again.

    My choices were: First Papyrus Mixed Case, followed closely by Caeldera. I explained why on the form.


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    OK just to be differant...papyrusmixedcase
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    Palatino really grabs my interest
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    For me its Gabriola or the papyrus mixed case. Both of these are easy on the eye and dont look hard business formal kinda.

    In my view the cover does not easily tell me what the book is about so the title better do it easy. If the font is hard to read at a glance you may get looked over when people are scanning titles.

    When in a shelf at a book store the cover is not always visible unless the book is on display. So with the title on the spine you could adopt the approach of making its hard to discern, with the strategy that the person searching pauses to discern what the title is or make it easy to scan so as to allow them to digest the title.

    Personally i think this is not something i would determine from a poll. A good publisher knows what works and what dont in different categories and its a time for an expert. I have all too often found that some of these kinds of market issues have nothing to do with logic as i have summised in my previous paragraph. We humans are irrational, with purchasing being driven by emotion thus, in my view and it affects how we interact with our world.

    This is when you need to say to yourself, am i a poet or a book marketer and consider sticking to your trade and hiring an expert. Just my 5 cents.

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