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Thread: Celeb Sighting

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    Celeb Sighting

    Had a genuine celebrity sighting at work today. I saw Quintin Tarrantino this afternoon while were installing an art exhibit at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood. (The Arclight is one of the nicer movie theaters in town.) He was at the ticket counter buying a ticket with the rest of the people going to see an afternoon movie.

    I'm still holding out for Sharon, though. Sharon Stone is one of Perry's repeat clients. He says she's a real nice lady. Or even the other Sharon. Sharon (and Ozzy) Osborn are also long-time clients.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    I'm still holding out for Sharon, though. Sharon Stone is one of Perry's repeat clients. He says she's a real nice lady. Or even the other Sharon. Sharon (and Ozzy) Osborn are also long-time clients.
    As long as you're aiming high...
    I'd hold out for Harrison Ford, Jimmy Carter, or Andy Rooney ... All somewhat(!) famous folks who also have a history of woodworking. Maybe I could get a shop tour...
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    Kinda fun seeing the celebs now and then... when I worked at the airport in LA many moons back... we had a foggy night and all the planes were landing at San Bernadino... I was at that time a ramp service agent.. I loaded and unloaded the planes... I was assigned baggage handling duties up on the sidewalk in front of the terminal... buses would arrive and I unloaded the luggage... one of the sets of luggage I unloaded was for Arlene Dahl... even got a tip from her for loading it into her car...
    Another time, I was in the terminal on a day off and passed a couple walking to the plane area and carrying their own luggage... wouldn't have recognized the man if he hadn't said something to his wife as I passed... It was Satchmo (Louis Armstrong) himself...
    Also saw Tony Martin there once, but he's a jerk and I'm still ticked off at him... my roommate and I were seeing his mother, and little brother off on a trip to Ohio... we were a party of about 7 waiting for the escalator to go up to the plane area... the elevators are right at the foot of the escalator and a VIP cart pulled up with a two guys and a girl on board... one of the guys jumped off and literally pushed my roommate's mother and sister-in-law out of the way for the other guy and the girl to walk through our group to the elevator.... the SIL was all excited... because it was Tony Martin... to me he was rude..... and not all that big of a star anyway.
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    Tarantino is one of my favorite directors...

    One of my favorite characters on TV right now is Tom Swanson on Parks and Rec played by Nick Offerman who is also an accomplished woodworker!
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    I saw Michael Landon in a restaurant in West LA, Tom Selleck at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge (both far more handsome in person than on the screen).

    I worked at Fort Irwin for 2+ years and they filmed "A Boy and his Dog" there (originally was going to be called "Rover Blood"). So over the course of the summer saw/met greats like Don Johnson, Alvy Moore, Jason Robards, Maggie Smith. I can technically say I swam in the pool every afternoon with Don Johnson and Susanne Benton

    However it was much more fun to drive tanks in the desert

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    Never been too impressed with stars or celebrities myself.
    I bowled Candlepin next to Franki Valley and Paul Anka when I was a kid in Natick Mass. My Mom got their autograph. Friendly guys. Saw Steve Lawrence and Edie Gormet leaving the hotel I was staying at in Cincinnati about 10 or so years ago. He was walking behind her with his hand on her shoulder as if guiding her through the mass of adoring fans. They had their heads down and almost ran to the limo. There were about 4 of us there and no one but me knew who they were.
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    'Quentin Tarantino ' one of my favs

    I once caddied{carry golf bag} for Alex Karras when I was 13 or 14, IIRC his golf bag was as big or at least as heavy as he was..then again, so am I nowadays

    I also am in possession of a couple of signed pieces of fine art woodwork from no other than V. McMillan...and have personally shook hands & conversed with Ambassador Merlau
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    I took care of Ann Hecht after she flipped out in Fresno...I don't think that qualifies as a sighting...more like baby sitting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon Korn View Post
    "A Boy and his Dog"
    Truely a fabulous Cult Classic Movie!
    Jesus was a Woodworker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Mooney View Post
    Truely a fabulous Cult Classic Movie!
    Spooky . . . We are of a like mind in many ways.

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