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Thread: This has absolutely nothing to do with nothing

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    This has absolutely nothing to do with nothing

    While having dinner with my wife (Myrna) she brought up the subject of a popcicle in our past. Then she said that I should tell my FWW family the story.

    When living in the Watts area of Los Angeles---That's a poverty area in case you are not aware of that. We were very poor. I was attending optometry school on the GI Bill of Rights ($105.00 / month). We lived in an apartment house that had been moved to a poorer area---twice.

    The above is just to set the picture. A nickel was real money. Anyway, one Christmas we bought each other strap (leather straps held them on to your regular shoes) on roller skates. We used them to visit friends and I used them to go to school.

    Well one day we were out for a ride (or should I say, Out for a skate) for fun. We were going along and the obnoxious music of an ice cream truck was heard. We purchased one of those double popcicles and split it. Myrna had half and I had the other (we couldn't afford a full ice cream each). We skated up to the corner of Jefferson and McClintok where the signal was red.

    We stopped there along with a little grade school age girl. After a bit she looked up at us with our roller skates and popcicles and said, "You ain't kids."
    Those three words and the way they were said created a lifetime treasure moment.

    I hope you enjoyed the wonderful moment in time.


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    Great story, Jim. Little did that young girl know how far off the mark she was, huh? I'm betting you're both still kids, even after all these years. (Probably can't skate as fast, though.)
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    Nice story Jim. You sure have some great memories
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    Great story, I'm sure that put a smile on your faces!

    Thanks for sharing it!
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    Great story Jim. It amazes me to what you think has nothing to do with nothing. What you post always has something to do with everything. Your storys are a gift.
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    Very cool story Jim. I can relate to it very well.

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    Oh, don't encourage him! There is one thing I have learned; when both sides of your family historically tend to rattle around this old world for longer than the average Joe, there are stories. When as a child, you have living relatives who road horses to elementary school and had parents who were adults at the turn of 1900, things get weird ;-)
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    Great story. It brought back memories that even I think I had that type of skate, but totally had forgotten about it.

    I bet you also took old skates apart and nailed them to a piece of wood to use as a skateboard....I know I did

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    That made my day Jim. If you need more kids, I'll listen to those all day. I don't eat much and I'm a pretty fair cook...but I refuse to do dishes!!
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    Nice story Jim! We look forward to your tales.


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