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Thread: Friday

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    somewhere east of Queen Creek, AZ - South East of Phoenix


    So whatcha got going on. I am working tomarrow and church sunday morn then it honey do time.
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    Don I think I'm pulling out the dirt bike this weekend
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    The usual...carrying on conversations with myself in the shop...might cut the grass now that the rain has let up for a day or so. Geez what a wet spring we've had!
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    Hopefully will pick up 8 bails of peat moss to till into the garden. If it stops raining

    My project list is growing. Work on the bed for my grandson, 2 clocks for wedding shower gifts and another for my granddaughters 2nd birthday. All have to be done in 2 1/2 weeks.

    Sunday is church, family dinner, and shop time. Going to try and enlist a son in law or 2 to plane down 100bf of maple for me.
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    Couple of pens to get out, maybe a that my bandsaw work correctly and a standup cabinet for the shop so I can get more stuff off the floor. Mens breakfast on Saturday and work at church on Sunday.
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    No rain, finish the corner on the lean to roof. Move a couple round bales for the horses. Then pull the water pump off of the Oliver tractor so I can order a new one from the casting numbers on this one. (four models of pumps available for this tractor). Then change oil and sparkplugs on my "new" lawnmower, a 1967 Cub Lo-Boy tractor.

    Rain, pull water pump on Oliver tractor. Fire up the DeWalt scroll saw for the very first time and cut some puzzle pieces for CJ (grandson).

    Regardless the weather, a guy I hardly knew, helped his son get into the show horse scene, but he "pushed/nudged/gave me the backbone" to ask Lou Ann out. He passed away, need to go to his wake.

    Sunday, spend the day with my folks and Lou Ann. Kill some time!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Going up to Oxnard Saturday to the California Strawberry Festival with LOML and a friend of hers. By the time we do that and stop at the Camarillo outlet mall(s) on the way back, the day will pretty much be gone.

    Sunday morning I'm de-installing one wall's worth of artwork we installed at a movie theater a couple days ago so their crews can paint the wall behind it. I'll kill a few hours in Hollywood while the paint's drying (maybe even watch a movie, since I'll be there already), then re-install everything. It's a pretty easy job, so I'll do it solo and gave the boss the day off.

    Might try to get some evening shop time in on Saturday and Sunday, but we'll see how big the honey-do lists get first.
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    Raining here too, 1 1/2" so far since last night. Fortunately there is only an 80% chance of rain for the weekend Guess it'll be all shop time and no yard & garden.

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    woodworking. I always feel like Im in the minority here.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I'm hoping to have the rest of LOML's mom's kitchen pullouts glued up by EOD Saturday.
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