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Thread: Confession

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    Ok...I've held on to this long enough. Time to let it go.
    I put a new blade on my bandsaw last week, Delta 4 tpi on my Craftsman POC. I was trying to cut some pen blanks and I kept getting black chunks, smoking like crazy...1/8" per second feed just sucked. Tuesday I was working on my egg and looked over at the bandsaw for whatever reason. Stupid blade was upside down. After a "shoot, darn, dang and rats" moment I reversed it and blah blah blah...cut a 6" ambrosia maple block to round like butter.
    OK...let it rip.....
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    (shaking my head in silence)
    If you don't take pride in your work, life get's pretty boring.

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    Wow Jim. That's amazing. No one on here has EVER done ANYTHING like that; ever, ever, ever . . . . . riiiiiight. I can recall cutting a shaped profile on the wrong edge of a board. Made a new part and did it . . . wait for it . . . . AGAIN!
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    Ok son, what else? Say 4 hail...........oh wait,

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    Everybody's entitled to one mistake, That was yours.
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    That's funny Jim. I'm with Steve
    I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.
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    Well I've done it with my table saw but not with my band saw.
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    (i can honestly say i have never, ever duplicated jim's or don's blade errors) don't feel too bad jim, you're right up there with the one bil who had my dad come over and help with the new deck he was building. he had him come over to see what he was doing wrong, since he was having problems cutting the lumber. when pop pulled up, there was this great cloud of smoke from where he was cutting. turns out he had put the blade in the circular saw backwards, and was burning his way through the 2 x 12's.

    wasn't there one time larry put a drill bit in backwards, or is that just one of them urban legends?
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    Backward bandsaw blade? Check.

    Backward tablesaw blade? Check.

    Cutting the profile on the wrong side of the board? Check.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You've joined a well-populated club, Jim. Wait'll you use a left-handed bowl gouge on a right-handed bowl. Then you'll feel really stupid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Burr View Post
    Stupid blade was upside down.
    Hey, Jim,

    Nobody, but nobody, can out-stupid me!

    One time, I forget what I was making, someone suggested I mount my dado stack on my sliding compound miter saw. So I did. Should have worked, too. But for some reason, it didn't cut very well.

    I just figured the arbor screw was loose, so I kept tightening it. Just then, Doorlink came home, and saw all the smoke. What in the world was I doing, she wondered?

    "This should work, but it doesn't"

    "Let me see. For goodness sake, William, why did I marry such a doofus? You've got it on backwards!"

    Dang. I hate it when she's right. Especially about the 'marrying a doofus' part...



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