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    Some may recall where I set up my lathe...
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    Well, it was too close to my bench to allow me to stand to the left of the headstock, leaving me feeling confined and contorted on occasion. So I decided to move it elsewhere. This thought got me thinking{yeah I do that once in a while } that I should do something towards sharpening, storage etc. - So I unleashed the hillbilly in me once again, to slap up another bench using scraps...I can't throw nothing away it seems, more so now that I've been unemployed for what seems like forever...any~who here's a look-see...

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    Now onto the lathe...some may find this sacrilegious, but I let my lathe {bed/tube?} fall on my sawz-all leaving me with about 18 & 1/2" between centers...I like it! and besides I've already been having dreams of something newer, stronger, faster, bionic, whoops to much TV
    Here's the new set-up...leaves me plenty of room to stand where I please...
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    Here's what I cut off...
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    Now the wife isn't the only one with a triangle workspace
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    and my first attempt with some red oak, finished with a variety mixture of almost empty min-wax stain/sealer with a paste wax topcoat for why-not...
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    Think the rest of the weekend will be spent mulching up the rest of the spalted before it turns to dust where it sits...Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Lookin' good. Shops and shop arrangement is a very personal thing. It is 'yours' in more ways than one.
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    It looks like that you won't have to do any re-arranging for a while.

    Nice candle holder.
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    Arrangement looks good Ken and that is a good looking candle holder.
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    Funny you should mention it….. I have a Jet tube lathe which now has about 20” between centers also. After breaking the guide under the tube, the tube got in the way of a metal blade on my radial arm saw. Don’t ask me how I broke the steel guide but I did know enough to move to the other side of the shop.

    I like your quenching cup mounted on the bench. I mounted my motor under the bench and used two sets of pillow block and pulleys. I now have a gray wheel, white wheel, cratex wheel, and stropping wheel.

    I'm fairly sure you still have that cutoff in you bucket of good usable steel. I do. I did see where someone split one to make a "comfort rest".
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