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Thread: Pen Drilling Jig

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    Pen Drilling Jig

    I would like to share some of the jigs that I have made to make woodworking easier and more enjoyable. Here is my pen drilling jig. Click HERE to view the plans to build it.

    Use this jig to securely hold your pen blank while drilling a perfect center hole all the way through your blank. This jig ensures that your drill bit will not exit the side of your pen blank and removes your fingers from the danger zone of your drill press.

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    Pretty neat jig. I'll give it a try

    Great website as well
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    Pretty cool. Looks like it would save quite a few bucks over the store bought models!
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    I like that Ray...mine is on the fritz so this looks like a good idea. Hope it improves my pens!
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    I do not see myself getting into pen making. However somewhere along the line I would like to make about a dozen to give to friends and family. Your jig (vise) looks like a way to help make this economically feasible.

    Thanks for the thread. You have a very good looking site.


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    Raymond, that is one fine looking jig and if I were still using jigs for pen blank drilling it would be one I would copy. I have for the past couple of years or so went to using just plain ole slip joint pliers. For antler especially it makes it easier for me to "line up the center" and drill it correctly for the first time. I do appreciate you sharing it with us though. Looks like a great project that will get a lot of use and be worthwhile.

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    Thanks for all the great coments. I guess that I should have mentioned that the plans are NOT for sale. They are free to anyone who would like to build this jig.

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    Looks great Raymond. Thanks for offering the free plans.
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    Nice jig. I use a clamp for an occasionally turning a pen for a gift, I cut a v in both sides of a handscrew clamp I bought at HF. It wooks pretty good for the alignment when drilling.

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    Jim, thats a great idea. Quick and easy.

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