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Thread: how to make the wife happy in 90 seconds.

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    how to make the wife happy in 90 seconds.

    no, get your mind out of the gutter.

    My wife knows how much I hate when someone approaches me and says, "could ya make me a.........?"

    But sitting at lunch with her a couple of days ago, she said, " is there anyway you could make me something, real simple, I know youre in the middle of something, but anything to hold my Kindle up, not flat while I read it?"

    ok, while I dont accept requests, and its not because shes the mother of my children, but she doesnt ask me for much, and she is the only one working in my household these days.....ok.............

    so I grabbed a small cut off of mahogany, had the dados in the TS,(lots of tenons for these barstools), tilted the blade, ran it over the roundover bit,(also in the router table already for the barstool build), reached into the garbage pail, took out a scrap of maple, and voila!
    Its unfinished, and ugly, but she is so happy with the finished product,, Im her hero.(she wouldnt even let me put any oil on it, she loved it just the way it was)

    might be a good idea for scraps again for anyone doing shows, ofcourse a bit of design finesse and some finish would make a nice product that costs next to nothing in wood. Kindles are very common these days.

    actually, it did take me around 5 minutes to make it, had to cut the maple on the mitre saw and put 2 screws through the maple feet.

    IM not proud of this product, Im proud of having to do so little to make the wife so happy.
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    Good Idea Allen. LOML has a kindle I might surprise her with one.
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    Sometimes the simple things are the best and most rewarding, good on you for making the wifey happy

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    Always say if the wife is happy i'm happy.Good job making her that way.

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    A happy wife = more tools

    A pair of toaster tongs got me a new router a few years ago

    Pretty neat Allen
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    I would be very proud of that piece. It fills a purpose and made it's new owner happy.
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    Sometimes you just have make the form follow the function. Looks like a great little stand to me!

    Lots of variation on that idea. My dad had me make something very similar so that my nephew and nieces could play cards when they were little. They had a hard time holding cards, so I did something very similar.
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    Nice work Allen.

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    My youngest daughter Tess has a Kindle. Great idea. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Great Idea Allen , I love to make simple things. I showed this a while ago , it's a double sided piece of rose wood I carved out for the wife.
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