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Thread: vacuum press

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    vacuum press

    hello all

    i am seriously considering buying a vacuum press . i have some wonderfull veneers laying around and would like to use them all someday maybe .

    can anyone here help with which one to buy or, what to look for in a good one ?? also please give me an idea of price ranges TIA
    what are you building today ??


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    A decent vac. press will, IIRC, cost in excess of $500. The economy route is to build your own using plans from joewoodworker. If you have a decent sized compressor you can build a venturi unit and if not you can do a pump unit. There are sources to pick up surplus Gast pumps for less than $100. A number of people here and on the other WW sites have built the JWW units and all seem to be pleased.

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    Tod must be working hard today. I'm sure he will pitch in with his experience on vacuum pumps when he sees this request.

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    jim, i`ve had very good luck with the folks at qualityvak and recomend them.
    either ed or neil......tod
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