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    Cool login problem

    Maybe someone has experienced this too, or at least can explain why, maybe?

    I log in in the normal fashion, my name and my password, which takes me to the home page. I see my name up in the box at top right. I then might go to one of the threads to read and when the page is switched, I notice my name is gone and "user" shows there. If I try to follow something in the thread, maybe a link or a photo, it give me an error message that I am "not signed in" or not authorized to go to that. (or words to that effect)

    I am sure this is not something common. Can anyone tell me anything about the problem?


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    Hi Tony, I just checked your account, and everything there looks OK, are you checking the box that says "Remember Me" or somethng like that beside where you username and password go?

    Sorry, I cannot be of more help..........
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