I was doing some work around my garage doors and needed to replace some brick mold at the bottom from being wet over the last 31 years. Well the first stick cost me a dollar per running foot and then when I got home I realized it was the finger jointed stuff anyway. So I thought I would get a bit if they were reasonable before I worked on the next door. Found the skill 91701from an Amazon merchant for 10.95 plus 4.49 shipping total 15.44.

Well it showed up today and was quadrapole packed. The outside box by merchant then a Bosh box sized to just fit over the Skill retail packaging. Then inside the retail packaging a hinged wooden box with 2 sets of magnets for holding it shut.

If it cuts half as well as it cuts it should be well worth the 15.00...

There is one left at an Amazon dealer for a dollar or two more but only 1.00 shipping..

Skill 91701 Finger joint bit and it is .5 inch shank..
Must be a closeout or something...