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Thread: Since you didn't like that one...

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    Since you didn't like that one...

    Since my ballistic egg post fell flat, I had some really cool redwood from Mike Smith...a "get well" present that was soaking wet. It rough turned in about 5 minutes, but hollowing was a pain since it was so wet, it clogged every few passes. I had to take the chuck off the lathe, hold it upside down and blow it out. 5 days of DNA and 10 days in paper wrap. Because it cut so well, I got a little excited and went way to thin...1/16" which is about as stupid as I dare pens weigh more VERY light sanding to 600 and WOP x 6 coats...I may go back and wet sand with 1200 due to some orange peel. Very delicate figure...almost like mesquite, but not as tasty on the BBQ.
    The base came out a little flat lift-wise but I have more!
    C&C used on the next one!
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    Well done, bud. You've already mentioned the things I would have offered as critique. These keep getting better and better.
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    Wow! that is thin. I bet you could shine a light thru it.

    Nice work.
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    Very nice work.
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    Good looking piece Jim. Well done.
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    like ya said already, the base is a little flat, but i still like it a bunch.

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    Very nice Jim. I like the shine.
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    You're in the ballpark with this one, and I think leveling out that finish will close the deal for me. Nice chunk of wood there amigo, glad you didn't "break on thru to the other side"!

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    Wow that is thin. Really nice piece.

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