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Thread: Anyone built a fancy greenhouse?

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    Anyone built a fancy greenhouse?

    Just a query and conversation starter. Anyone built a fancy greenhouse / orangery / conservatory - and are their any nice plans out there with anything a bit "out of the ordinary" or unusual?

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    I have a sneaky suspicion my idea of a greenhouse and yours would be very different...

    I can't wait to see what your's would look like!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gavin dj harper View Post
    Anyone built a fancy greenhouse / orangery / conservatory -
    Yep. But greenhouses built for the southern climate of North America are a country mile different from those designed for Wales!

    You've got a pretty good stretch of research ahead before you even think of breaking ground. And many questions: purpose, materials, size, heating, cooling, situation, passive or active, single or double... a thousand things. Grab some books, and start reading. Figure each page you read will save you one pound, and one day...



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    Yep, built three gutter connected houses 40'X100' and covered in lexan sheets of plastic. Over $100,000.00 invested, would never do it again in Indiana's climate. We (my wife and I) are investing in a hoop greenhouse for our own business we plan on starting up eventually.
    If this helps, this is the company we have chosen for our next greenhouse frame and 6 mil covering (double).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Lantry View Post
    Figure each page you read will save you one pound, and one day...
    I thought that with the office... but as it happens, it kept just adding zero's to the end of the bill with each new feature or detail i discovered

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    Sound like quite a job Johnathan, I suppose there are two possible aims here... a green house just for growing things.. like well duh! or as a thing of beauty in itself. I'm leaning towards the latter. It's only a pipe dream.. just curious where the daydreaming might take me!

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    Back in the late mid 70's I became obsessed with plants, specifically tropical plants. (I live in Iowa). I built my first green house in an "L" of my house just a small lean too. That rapidly filled up with ferns (Staghorn) and others. I out grew it. My next was a used greenhouse that I bought from the estate of a man who reitred from Chicago to Traer, Iowa. He had been the Chief Orchid Grower for the Chicago Conservatory. His hobby greenhouse was a 50'X25' All Glass and Redwood house with hot water heat for his personal Orchid collection that he brought back to the family farm when he retired.

    I bought his house and moved it 20 miles and re erected it and got the wild hair to go into business just about the time the KMart decided to start trucking bedding plants into Iowa by the Semi Load, they could truck more in, in one load than I could grow.

    My third greenhouse was a all glass breeze way between the house and garage. 44'X20'.

    My forth was a lean to at the end of the above garage. Also all glass. Other than the commercial one I bought and moved all mine were built by myself to my design.

    My 5th was a lean too with an all double glazed lexan skin and by far it was the best. This fall after I finish the addition to our cabin, I will build my last (I hope) greenhouse it will be Western Red Cedar salvaged from old telephone poles and double glazed lexan skin.

    See the small greenhouse build by Norm Abraham on the New Yankee work Shop on line.

    Mine will be 20-24' long and 12'-14' wide. All in all it has been fun. I would recommend that you build a small one just to learn (See Norm's) It could be used just for starting seeds and cuttings. Build then your larger display house for the beauty of it.

    I second Jonathan's recommendation on FarmTek. They are only down the road from me about 40 miles and they are a good company to do business with.


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