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Thread: Entertainment Remodel

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    Entertainment Remodel

    This entertainment center was built originally for a DLP flat screen (large rear projection). The owner bought a new LCD flat screen & wanted the cabinet modified to fit new TV. I first made a box to put the TV on at the height were she said she wanted center of screen to make sure that's were she wanted it.

    Well after watching it for a week she wanted it lower. She likes the new height better. So now I just had to fill it in to enclose new TV. The factory base is still on new TV as she wanted to leave it on this forced me to push the TV back to clear the base that stuck out in front of screen.. Sent parts out to a painter friend match the crackle finish she had. He came very close & he will come out to do shelf area (finished wrong side of shelf unit) & any touch up she wants.

    Over all she likes it & that's what matters. She also asked if she could give out my number to someone that want's a kitchen remodel. Gotta keep the work flowing.
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    Nice work on the entertainment center.

    I remember my dad doing one for his old boss. Everything in his bosses house was dated 1960 (new looking) including the old console tv. He had my dad gut the old console and he bought a TV that fit into the old carcass. Fit like a glove, just had to drill a hole in the front frame for the IR signal to shoot through. The old guy even had new carpet specially made to match the original yellow/lime green/white 1 1/2 nap shag.

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    Most people want to update. I do this stuff all the time as I work as a Propmaker in the Motion Picture & Television Ind. in So Cal. Here is pics of a kitchen I had to build (with help from a Detroit local) for the movie Grand Torino. We tore out the newer oak style cabinets & had to build new ones that looked original to the house. Even down to the dirt & wear. This location was in the Highland Park area of Detroit MI.
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    Very nice retrofit job on the entertainment center, James. The shelf above the TV is a great idea. The finish looks like a good match, too.

    Today I saw the most amazing entertainment center I've ever seen. We were on a job installing some artwork in a VERY nice place in the Pacific Palisades. (We see multi-million dollar homes every day, but this place is the nicest I've seen. It's 17,000 SF on heaven knows how many acres up in Sullivan Canyon. The "front yard" is a 3 or 4 acre park surrounded by forest. Nice folks too, and they are regular clients of ours.) Anyway, their entertainment center was about 14 feet long, with a 65" or 70" plasma screen in the middle surrounded by very massive cabinetry on both sides (to match the scale of the house). The whole thing (cabinet and all) was on a hydraulic or electric lift so it could be lowered into the floor completely out of sight.

    And your "retro" kitchen looks great. too. It's amazing to see the work that's done by propmakers and set dressers out here. In a matter of minutes they can empty a room and re-make it into a totally different place. As a coincidence, one of our jobs today was to remove a bunch of artwork in a home in Encino for a TV shoot. (The studios have to pay royalties to the artist for artwork shown in a TV or movie shoot, so in the case of this house, with original Warhols and Lichtensteins, it was cheaper to remove the real stuff temporarily and have the set dressers hang royalty-free pieces.) The set dressers were following behind us re-furnishing rooms in minutes. We go back tonight and re-hang it all.
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