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Thread: Method of bringing out pigment

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    Method of bringing out pigment

    Work mostly with barnwood.
    Up till now most of my projects have been left natural.

    Would like to change to a different method of finishing the projects. So I can bring out the Pigment in Barnwood. Some of this wood is beautiful.

    So what do I need?

    Planner? Have to contend with nails. Afraid would destory it and the blades. Would have to get a metal detector.

    Have a jointer (6") have used this before, but lot of my cuts are bigger than 6"

    Belt Sander? (3-4") Wouldnt have to worry about paper getting destroyed.

    Heavy duty wire brush? Tried that, dont work that good.

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    Hey Bob,
    I would get a metal detector and then use your regular tools. Here's the one I use. Its on sale at Amazon for $19.99

    or just go to amazon and search for Little Wizard.

    Hope this helps!
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