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Thread: Mesquite Nested Bowl Set

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    Mesquite Nested Bowl Set

    I really have been turning lately, just been too lazy to set up the photo rig. This is a nested set of mesquite bowls I made for my nephew and his new bride, who are getting married next weekend. I forgot to get measurements before I shipped it out today, but the big bowl is about 12" wide and maybe 8" deep. The rims were burned with a propane torch before the inside and outside were finish sanded. They're all finished with a couple of coats of BLO followed by a lot of coats of semi-gloss spraycan lacquer, wet sanded with 600 grit, buffed with PL compound, then waxed with Renaissance wax. I let the BLO cure for about a month before spraying the lacquer. This is my first successful 3-bowl set from the McNaughton.

    Click on the pics to see a bigger view...

    Comments, critiques, suggestions, and questions are all welcome.
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    Those are beautiful!! Great color and the burned rims are cool.

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    Wow Vaughn those are beautiful. I really like the color of that mesquite. Love turning it as well. Hoping when we return to start coring some walnut bowls.
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    Woah! those bowls look magnificant. If I had to pick one, I'd pick the smallest one.
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    Yep this is the stuff that made me want to get better. Great job man.

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    Vaughn, those are elegant
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    Now that is one classy looking set of bowls! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Of course I am partial to mesquite and love turning it for boxes. I have never had any pieces large enough to turn a bowl.

    Oh, did I mention that is purty work!
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    Very nice.

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    Very nice sir. beautiful grain and color in that wood.

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    Very well done Vaughn! That is a gift that can be cherished for years or generations to come!
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