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Thread: Looking for a piece of hardware

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    Looking for a piece of hardware

    The kitchen project I am working on has 3 roll out bins. All were supposed to operate with a foot pedal and spring release. My hardware rep had a senior moment and forgot that I was making a framed cabinet not a frameless. He sent me the foot pedals unfortunately they wont work on a framed cabinet. Seems no one makes a foot pedal for a framed cabinet either...

    Being the yankee that I am, I am trying to modify the hardware that I have to work. I have seen somewhere a push button/cable release (of course when I didnt need it....) and I think I can make it work with the pedal.
    Has anyone seen something like this or have any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    WAG.....throttle cable

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    Yes, if a cable would work, a choke cable at a auto parts store, should be able to get the button and bracket if it is aftermarket for under the dash. Would make it easier for you. Usually you can adjust the knob from the bracket, so the bracket could be on the backside of the frame, drill a hole, run the cable with threaded end through hole, screw on button, viola!!!

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