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Thread: Woodworking book ...all you ever need

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    Woodworking book ...all you ever need

    So on the weekend a friend of mine came over and brought me a book. He said he had no use for it anymore and knew i might like it.

    I thanked him and we had a great visit.

    Then that evening i got round to taking a peek inside. Wow i picked up the phone and thanked him again.

    Last night before closing my eyes i thought mmmm wonder how many of the family know of this book, its suprising to me that i have not seen it surface in the book market or through the various blogs etc.

    I figure the reason is its a UK published book and probably never made it across the pond.

    The book is Collins Complete Woodworkers Manual this is a link to the latest edition on Amazon UK but the one i have is an older version that you can see here

    I can only underline the word COMPLETE it sure is and its just loaded with everything a woodworker would like to know about and more.

    For a beginner or even a pro with fading memory, this book has it all.

    Its the kind of book i really enjoy and you can get pleasure from it over and over. Loaded with sketches and practical information on every woodworking topic you can think of. It covers all the joints some of which i had never seen and then some and gives you the a number of different tables on the application and correct choice.

    There is even a section on glass, metal and leather with all the essential basic.

    To think you can pick it up second hand for a couple of pounds and a few dollars shipping is in some ways very sad to me.

    I hope we have not seen the end of a book like this. I can appreciate the value of digital books, but there is something different about a printed book like this where one can hold it in your hands. I am hoping I guess in vane that book printing sticks around along side the digital versions. My hope here is based on the fact that vinyl records are still around and in fact making a niche comback.

    I have a similar book on fly fishing which is also a book one can review a dozen times and never tire of it. For those whose interest i have piqued the title is
    The Southerbys Guide to Fly Fishing for Trout

    Sorry bass fisherman...stick with grenades.

    And to think i could never understand my mother sitting in a chair reviewing here thousand cook books over and over.

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    Just ordered it. Always something new to learn or learn how to do the right way
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