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Thread: Modified Atlas Pen

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    Modified Atlas Pen

    Notice some names here I recognize.

    Don't post often but here's a sacrificial offering of a piece of Spalted Wormy Chocolate Mango on a Stretched Atlas.

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    That is one fine pen from some spoilt wood very nicly done ron
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    I like that a lot. Really nice wood and a fine looking pen.
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    All those poor little worms gave their lives for a cool pen!!! Well done Ron
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    Great looking "Stretch Atlas" Ron!
    Form, Fit and Finish show your great craftsmanship.
    Well done.

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    That certainly is a beautiful pen. To add to the just plain nice work on the fit and finish, Ron stretched the pen, which in my opinion really improves the look of these kits. Great work Ron.
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    Wow, nice one! I made one of those kits about a yr ago, and thought it looked a little "squatty", so I like this enhancement. That blank is over the top. Thanks for uppin the pics!

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    Great-looking pen, made out of some awesome wood. Looking forward to seeing more photos of your work.
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    Thanks all for the comments ...

    Paul Douglass: ... thanks about mentioning the stretched version of the pen. I already have to make a slight length issue but it's minor and everyone that has handled finds it very comfortable to use.

    michael james: ... You are correct about the "squatty" look ... what prompted the change was a member of our pen turning club asked if anyone had made any of these so I brought one in for him to see and it reminded me of this issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Great-looking pen, made out of some awesome wood. Looking forward to seeing more photos of your work.
    I have those on occasion that just seem to shout 'Post Me!' but mostly I don't get those results ... and every now and again I get my brand of 'OOOPS!' creations like this experiment with Polymer Clay which shows the stock vs the modified versions of this pen...

    Now to see if I can find some 10" lengths of brass tubing for the Atlas/Polaris/Knight/Carabara kits.

    Then I usually get excited about using evasive plants and bark for pens and reel seats ... like this nice piece of Texas Salt Cedar dressing up a Jr Gent.

    Or Red Fir Bark on Long Click Pens

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    Some great extra's Ron, the red fir is an extra cool blank
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