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Thread: Time Lapse Shuttle Launch

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    Time Lapse Shuttle Launch

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    Thanks for posting that Dan! The Shuttle flights are part of an amazing program. I can hardly believe the Shuttle program is nearly finished. I have been fortunate to go to 5 launches and tour both Kennedy and Johnson space centers. I certainly enjoyed this video.


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    Brings back memories of when I saw sts-4 take off in person. I was 16 and we were on a family vacation in Jacksonville Florida.

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    Wow! Gotta love that!
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    Now that was really amazing
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    Impressive beyond description. The size of all that equipment alone is mind blowing.
    However, I am not a believer that the space program benefits us very much. Particularly in relation to the cost.
    We barely know anything about the inside of the earth and almost nothing about what the depths of the oceans contain.
    The money would be better spent researching our orb first.
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