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Thread: I visited my first woodcraft store today

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    I visited my first woodcraft store today

    too bad there was a festool demonstration going on and Ive been looking for a router so I can dedicate a router for a certain task at a time.
    It was a costly visit.
    still amazes me I live in one of the most heavily populated areas on earth, and wood/hobby type stores are not common, and I had to travel 90 miles to visit a woodcraft.
    Allentown Pa.

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    Our Woodcraft just moved to a bigger store, twice what they had, and I'm lovin' it. About 18 miles from my house. When I lived in Toms River, NJ I used to travel over 70 miles to north Philly to the woodworking store there. Might have been woodcraft, but they were also the only Shopsmith dealer within traveling distance and that is what I had at the time.
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    It's funny how that is. I live in Nyack NY and I have to drive further and further upstate in order to find simple tools of the trade. I remember when I was deep into Ham Radio. I had to drive an hour and half to New Jersey to get a simple antenna or Mic.

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