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Thread: Well DUH! Cabinet Rollout design issue

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    Well DUH! Cabinet Rollout design issue


    LOML and I were walking around a Home Show some time ago and there was a company the specializes in retro-fitting rollouts shelves into cabinets.

    We talked with someone and setup an appointment for a home visit. We showed the salesman the blind corner cabinet where we wanted a rollout to come straight out the open door and another rollout in the blind corner that would come over the tracks of the first rollout when it was extended so the blind corner is a little less blind.

    The salesman then did a rough measurment started with the $$$$ games. For a seemingly simple 2 rollout configuration it was like $600 dollars. We said no thanks and started looking at alternatives online.

    I eventually measured and ordered 2 rollouts from an online site. They came this week and I started to install them.

    The rollout that pulls out the open door was an easy install.

    I started looking at the rollout for the blind corner and realized it was too big. The drawer assembly with the slides and brackets attached wouldn't fit through the cabinet opening - DUH The rollout was 22 x 22 and the cabinet opening is 20-1/2 by 13. There was no way to get it into place. That was BEFORE I had to include the 3-1/4 inch "riser" to get the blind corner rollout over the tracks of the other rollout.

    Anyway - If I had not been "greedy" size-wise I would have ordered an 18 deep by 22 wide rollout and it would have gone thru the cabinet door opening without issue. When I built the bookcases for the basement office, I made sure they would tip up into position without hitting the low ceiling. Didn't consider it in this instance . . .

    So - I'm ordering some 18" rollers and will build an 18 x 22 rollout box and hopefully put get this project done fairly easily.


    Jim Mattheiss
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