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Thread: PM vs. Oneway

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    PM vs. Oneway

    Sometime ago I mentioned that I had tried using a friends new Oneway lathe and didn't like it because it was way too tall for my comfort. It is a sorta midi sized (maybe a 1224, need to look next time I'm there). Enneyhow I was back in my friends shop recently and noticed that his big PM was shoved back in a corner and has become a junk and dust collector. He said he uses the OW almost exclusively now. He is a big guy, quite a bit taller than my 5'7" and finds the height just right for him.
    Not saying the OW wins any 'best lathe' contest but this was an interesting observation.
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    I've never had the oppo-turn-ity to try either a OW or PM, but like the looks of both... I have a Jet 1442 and recently added some weight to it... also decided at the same time to add the feet and raise the height slightly... originally just set it down on the cast iron leg bottoms and was comfortable... but the added inch and half of the feet makes it even more so... I'm just over 6' and sometimes the bending over the ways hollowing bowls does get to the back, but not so much anymore with the new height.... at first didn't think I liked the added height and was considering taking the feet off again, but with the added weight and cabinet, would have been a real pain.
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