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Thread: Extension Cord Reel

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    Extension Cord Reel

    So, I've got this shed project reportedly under progress. One of the problems with it is it's pretty far from the house. Regular extensions cords have some significant voltage drop. That means I can't run my little hot dog compressor out there, and the miter saw runs mighty slow.

    So I bought a couple 100' 10 gauge extension cords. The problem with those is that they are pretty difficult to wind up and to handle. These kinds of cords aren't cheap, so I really didn't want to just leave them laying out any where getting all beat up.

    So I made a little cart for them. Looks like I overestimated the size of the reel I needed, but oh well. But this should do the trick.

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    That cart will do a fine job Brent looks like it will hold a mile of cord

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    Looks like you're ready to power up a few booths at the local carnival! Should do the trick!
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    That's nice Bret!

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    Great looking cart. Could use a couple of those myself.

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    That is one neat, functional cart!


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    Very good idea. Yes, these days extension cords are quite expensive. I have picked up a few at garage sales as a hedge against inflation. You guys can have yer gold coins, I'm investing in extension cords.
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