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Thread: family visit

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    family visit

    yesterday afternoon ed nelson and his father, john stopped by to say hi. we yaked about everything from ol` cars to wood-n-tools.....nice guys! thanks for stopping by ya`ll! oh-yeah here`s a pic of our ugly mugs...ed had to figure out how to drive my camera `cause i`m pretty gadgit illeterate
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    That's cool Tod, it's always a nice time to visit in person the folks you share the keyboards with.

    Looks like you got the gadget thing down too.
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    I guess you are the one on the left there Tod

    Great to see a "Family" get together!
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    It was really great getting to meet Tod and see his operation! I was quite impressed and just a tad bit jealous! Oh well, Time to establish some goals! For those of you who don't know, Tod has three ponys...I mean puppies that are very sweet and helped give us the tour of the shop!

    Thanks for having us Tod!

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    I wuz right near yer place yesterday afternoon and almost stopped in. But, I'm kinda reluctant to interrupt a working man. Wish I had stopped, I wooda been the handsome one in the picture.

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