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Thread: A New SawStop Video?

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    A New SawStop Video?

    A friend sent me this SawStop feature. I had never seen this particular one. Thought others might be interested.

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    I have seen that one before. I still would rather seen him put his finger in the blade like the hot dog. Either way, it still works.
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    I saw a video, maybe a TV show, where he actually did use his finger. They had high speed cameras taking pictures of it, and showed it slowed down. Very remarkable. Jim.
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    yeah if you noticed he soaked his hand in the cooler water before he touched the side of the blade.
    Soaking it lowered the resistance of his skin to the electric field on the blade.
    The demonstration doesn't take into consideration the fact that the person actually using the saw is not going to soak his/her hands in a bucket of cold water before making cuts but instead most likely have dry callused hands which have a higher resistance meaning the operator will most likely suffer at least a cut before the saw trips.
    Still much better than losing one or more digits but still an unfair demonstration.
    I would rather have seen him actually push a piece of stock through and trip it the way it would happen in real life.

    for those of you with a saw stop. Try this. (with the saw off obviously) with the power on to the saw's computer touch the carbide with your finger nail, then your finger and see how much pressure you have to apply before the light starts flashing indicating the safety trip. More so in the winter months its pretty amazing how much pressure you have to exert against the teeth to make the light flash. could still be worth a few stitches...

    it is a cool video though watching how fast it pops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Soby View Post
    More so in the winter months its pretty amazing how much pressure you have to exert against the teeth to make the light flash. could still be worth a few stitches...
    IMHO, the best Sawstop test video I've ever seen was on the Wood magazine website, about 2-3 years ago, and it's not there anymore.

    In that video they used the standard hot dog, but they did not nicely or sedately slide it through the blade like almost every other test does. No, this guy took off the blade guard and WHACKED the hotdog straight down on top of the blade.

    There was the bang, and the blade disappeared, and the hotdog was still in one piece.

    Sure there was a cut -- though I'd call it a nick. Sure he might have even needed one stitch (if it was a finger/hand). But that was it. There was hardly any damage at all. I get the shivers just imagining what something like that would do to my hand on a regular TS.

    I wish that video were still out there to see.
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    I remember seeing that one too, Art. It's pretty convincing, huh?
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    I asked the SawStop factory rep, at the local Woodcraft, to do it fast, like a real accident, not slow like the usual demos. It was fast, and the hot dog still wouldn't have needed a band aid.
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    As luck would have it. A co-worker of mine that is not a woodworker sent me this link just a few minutes ago. Pretty crazy. Looks like the video described above from Wood magazine.

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