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Thread: Show Me Your Router Table!!!

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    Show Me Your Router Table!!!

    Router tables. I wanna see what you got.

    Got one integrated into your outfeed or extension table? Let's see it.

    Got a NYW Special? Let's see it.

    Got one that levitates like a hover craft? I definitely want to see it.

    Fences, bit & accessory storage, lifts. All good stuff. Show me.

    Even if you think it's ugly, show it off. We're looking for ideas here.
    Be sure to include any dimensions and/or special features.

    Edit: If you already have a thread dedicated to your router table, please post a link!
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    Rob, mine is the pretty basic Norm inspired , not quite done, still working on it, but does work and function fine router table.

    Made out of Birch plywood, cherry face frame with a maple and plexiglass viewing door. Top is 1 1/2" thick with Maple laminate and Cherry border.

    Bits, wrenches, etc. fit in the drawers. Fence does double duty on my Mini Max shaper. Piano hinge across the back to allow access underneath to the motor for easy bit changes.

    Still need doors on the two lower open areas and dust collection out the back. I also should add the switch in the upper right where just the cord for the router currently exits....a work in progress, going on 2 years.
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    Bill Hylton design from Router Magic


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    Router Table

    It's Norm Abrams old one with the big bottom drawer.
    I built Norm's newer fence for it at a later date, but only for the exercise and it's convenient.
    Used to use the Router Workshop guys method - two sticks of UHMW 2 x 2 and 2 x 3 about 3 foot long. Clamped them to the overhang in two places as needed. Cut a relief hole in the "back" of the sticks and the appropriate shaped hole in the "front" of the sticks. Slick
    Use a PC 7539 monster under the Rousseau plate. It pops out for bit changing.
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    Okay, You asked for it!!! :P

    Here's mine

    This is router table #3 - the first one was a store-bought thing that sucked major dookie. The second was my attempt to combine a cheap benchtop table saw and router so that I could use my first incra. There's a big long story here, but I'll spare you the details.

    Suffice it to say, this table was intended to be my last table. I went all out and used it as good practice for dovetails and such. I decided to spare no expense and got a new Incra jig, too. The pictures show the new incra, but the table top was too small. I've since replaced the top with one that's 28"x48" that does much better. One day I'll take pics of the new top
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    Jason Beam
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    Well, I have two pages dedicated to building my router table on my website...........

    Router Table Page 1

    Router Table Page 2

    It was even featured in a Japanese DIY mag

    Just one pic for you.........

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    First picture is the TurboCAD file I designed the sucker with. The different colors are just to make it easer to see the features. Took features from 3 different magazines and combined into my toy.
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    Just got it set up few weeks ago after getting the new saw.

    I havenít figured how I wanna do the fence situation yet. I have a Lee Valley fence that used Ttracks in my previous set up but I donít think I wanna use Ttracks again. For now TS fence works fine

    I also plan on something different for the switch I want to be able to turn off with a knee or a hand slap rather than fumble for the toggle

    Attachment 5359 Attachment 5360

    One thing I did was to beef up the underside of the extension with a piece of baltic birch. The third pic shows this piece and the black line points to 1 of a bunch of threaded inserts and long bolts I added that level the main top by applying pressure from below

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    For Frank, I was able to get a picture of mine:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's a Bench Dog. Temporary until I come up with a better solution. I don't like it very much. I've heard good things about the stand-alone Bench Dog tables but this one sucks. The compressor is there to hold the door on.

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    Mine is really basic but works good for me. The one thing that I do like is that I mounted a foot operated on off switch on the side of the table so that I could turn it on and off with my knee instead of having to have a free hand to do so. I think that I will add a T track to my fence for a holddown feather board. It is the same heigth as my cabinetsaw so that I can use it as an infeed or outfeed table.
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