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Thread: Switch Hitter vs Switch Pitcher

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    Switch Hitter vs Switch Pitcher

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    Wow. That was 2008. A few days later, they changed the rule book so he couldn't do that anymore...

    Still, imagine being able to strike out Pro players with either arm!


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    I hadn't heard about that guy. Pretty amazing. I think it's great that he struck the guy out after all the drama.
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    That was really cool !!
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    Got to tell you all a little story. When Jarrod was playing ball in the little league, he was pitching Right and batting Right. Then one my oldest son Jon saw him pitch and told him ; Jarrod your a lefty your not supposed to throw right or bat right. So Jarrod switches up and starts throwing Left and batting left. I thinking this is cool he can do both equally well. But then he found the sport of Soccer and quit BB.
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