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Thread: Spalted Blue Pine with Knot

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    Spalted Blue Pine with Knot

    IAP - PITH 2011 pen I sent. Rules were simple, make it with Pine. 2x4 cut off found at a scrap pile at a Rustic Furniture Maker who tosses these things away.

    I placed it under the forced air heater at work for a week and then baked it at 150 for a few hours to harden the pitch loaded knot so I could turn it.

    A Woodcraft Cigar pen made into a One-Piece on a Spalted Blue Pine with a nice knot and then four coats of Med CA and polished with brasso.

    The other half of the blank and you can see the pitch in this one as I didn't bake it .... yet.

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    I really like that pen. The wood is just awesome. Well done.
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    Great job on a sweet looking piece of pine!!
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    All I can say is, WOW! Great pen~

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    thats one fine pine pen there for sure,, best use of pine i have seen yet
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    You did wonders with that wood. I didn't know you could even do things like that. And then doing a one piece cigar pen shows off that wood.

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    I missed it this time...thank goodness! As a simple pen maker...all I have is WOW!!!!! If you happen across anymore of that fine stock.....
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    Wow, that's a gorgeous pen. Great job on the turning, but an equally fine job on cutting the blank to take advantage of the figure.
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    I am speechless. I say everything the guys before me said. Amazing colors tone and finish.

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