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Thread: Beauty and the Beast Contest

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    Beauty and the Beast Contest

    I noticed that there is a woodturning contest in the offing on another forum, Woodturners America, entitled Beauty and the Beast that is scheduled to begin around July 4th.

    The Woodturners America forum requires you to be a member to enter the contest and that costs nothing so if you are interested I suggest everyone sign up.

    The WA forum is relatively new and dedicated to beautiful woodturning. I am not a very active member but I do visit it every once in a while to see all the beautiful work done by its members.

    The contest is being sponsored by some of the biggest names in woodturning supplies and tools so it should be great fun.

    Visit often to see the details of the contest unfold.
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    I dunno Mike, I made a comment over there about Costa Rican coffee and it got messy ...that is not a normal place!
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    Thanks for posting this, Mike. I was going to do the same pretty soon, so your timing is great.

    Mike is right...we've got some great prize donations lined up, and a pretty small pool of people who will be competing for them. (The WTA Resident Artists won't be competing, BTW.) It should be a fun contest. The details won't be released until July 4th, but trust me, it'll be like no contest you've seen.

    If you're a turner and haven't checked out Woodturners America, I urge you to do so. (And if you haven't checked it out in a while, go back and give it a look.) There are not only forums, but John Hart has put together a nice online magazine with a lot of useful and interesting information. Here's the main page:

    There's a good (but still relatively small) bunch of folks at WTA. and we can always use more. There are also a number of very talented turners who are willing to help others improve their skills and advance the art of woodturning. Check it out and register if you like it.
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