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Thread: Photo file converter

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    Photo file converter

    OK, im fairly new to high tech camereas and all they do. Anyway, i was at my aunt and uncles about a minth ago and he was playing with my camera and teaching me the basics. He shoots in raw format as he has the software to edit them and covert them as needed. Well he is out of toqwn alot with work and I have several pics on the camera that are in the raw format and iI have noway to convert them so I can share them or have them prineted, so if anyone has the software to do this let me know and im willing to compensate for your time.

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    'Irfanview' is a free app that will convert raw files to jpeg, once converted most any photo editing app should allow you to do as you please....

    The following is 'borrowed' from a photo forum...
    ---- is able to read Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Olympus, Fuji, Kodak, Sony, Pentax (CRW/CR2, NEF, MRW, ORF, RAF, DCR, SRF, PEF, X3F) RAW formats, and "classical" RAW files (using a plug-in, but you can get those on the IV site, plug-ins page)...

    w/ irfan you can easily batch convert images using File->"Batch Conversion/Rename"...

    very simple and effective... and for free "
    Hope this helps...I'm not familiar with raw files, but if you can send them, I could give 'er a try if you'd rather not yourself...just a thought!

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    Gimp is cool, Gimp is free:

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    +1 for Irfanview.
    Gimp also works very well, I use both.

    If your computer is running WinXP here is another useful tool that you can add to your collection:
    Look for the 'Image Resizer' tool under the PowerToys tab.
    This one works even better than Irfanview or Gimp if you are just doing a quick re-size because all you do is select an image(s), right-click and re-size.

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    To change size---for instance like posting on FWW---PIXresizer works great, simple to use and free.


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    Photoshop Elements will open RAW file format and it isn't very expensive.
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    +1 for Irfanview. If I have to edit a raw file I'll use either ViewNX (the freebie that came with my Nikon) or Photoshop Elements, but for simple conversion, resizing, and batch operations, Irfanview is my go-to tool.
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    try it, i like

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