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Thread: I figured it out !

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    I figured it out !

    Lately I have been having this mild electrode kind of feeling in my left leg from my hip to my ankle, so mild that I wounder if a fly is in my pocket trying to get out. Then I spoke to the guy next door and he said Cyatic nerve , hum, new system to deal with. I guess it comes with age and 3 crushed lower disc. O well back to work. At least when I standing I don't feel it.
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    been there. It can cause great discomfort. Hope it is nothing serious in your case.
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    Had surgery to repair pinched sciatic nerve last October. Still have some numbness in my left leg but not as severe as before. Couldn't walk more than 20 ft. before resting to let the pain ease up before surgery. Hope you don't get that bad. Take care.

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